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Moving from the perceived safety of being a permanent employee into the world of contracting might at first appear daunting, but for those brave enough to take that bold first step the benefits can very quickly put rest to any lingering doubts.

The attraction to contracting is understandable, you can expect:

an increase in pay
flexible working conditions
and of course being your own boss
Contractors often earn at least double the rate they would be paid for performing the same role as a permanent employee, and when you consider that contractors often have the opportunity to pick and choose their projects you may well be asking yourself why you haven’t made the move to contracting sooner.

Contracting isn’t necessarily for everyone, you will have more admin to contend with and you may lose some of the comforts of being a permanent employee, but if you are self-starter and willing to live with a little risk then the rewards are there to be had and you could be about to take a big step forward in your career.

Many contractors choose to alleviate the administrative burden by working through an Umbrella Company or retaining an Accountant to help them manage their limited company. If you would like to understand more about your options you may find the following pages useful:


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