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Work Smarter Not Harder


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Work Smarter Not Harder


Limited companies are widely recognised as the most tax efficient way of working typically allowing you to take home 75-80% of your earnings. It is not surprising that when the costs of running the company are shared it is possible to take home up to 85% of your earnings.

The introduction of IR35 together with changes announced in the April 2015 Budget have reduced the tax efficiency of working through Umbrella Companies making Limited Companies all the more attractive.

Key benefits

  • No joining fees, faster payments, dedicated administration support.
  • Easy for customers and agencies to deal with you.
  • Minimise tax liabilities and maximise your income through accepted and recognised use of your annual tax allowances.
  • IR35 compliant contract template for use with end client

We provide all of the accounting, bookkeeping, tax and legal advisers who specialise in supporting limited company contractors to ensure you stay safe.

If you are embarking upon a career as a contractor for the first time then an Umbrella Company may be the best option for you; for the established contractor who falls outside the IR35 Rules, the benefits of a Limited Company should not be ignored.

Member Status

All of our members are shareholders in our company and benefit from receiving dividend income which is not subject to NI deductions. Shares can be transferred to a spouse increasing tax advantages further. When your contract finishes the company guarantees to buy back your shares.


Members benefit from a dedicated Personal Assistant and online support through our Secure Members Portal
Submission of timesheets on the go through our Secure Members Portal
Centralised administration for invoicing, paperwork, collection of money due
Shared costs of professional services help increase the profitability of your work


Same day faster payments.
Centralised payroll ensures PAYE and NI contributions are paid on your behalf to HMRC via RTI.


Tel: 00 353 1531 4559 (IRL)

0203 627 0929 (UK)

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