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Umbrella Companies


We understand the needs of our clients

Created by contractors for the
exclusive benefit of contractors.

If you are already using an Umbrella Company then you know exactly what to expect, if you are new to contracting then let us explain a little more:

  • You will become employed by the Company
  • The Company will enter into a contract for services with your Agency
  • You will receive a wage from the Company less deductions for PAYE and NIC
  • As an employee you will be entitled to Statutory Benefits and protections
  • Easy and simple to use. All of the administration is done for you, you simply tell us how many hours you have worked and we invoice your agency, collect monies due and process payroll.
  • You will be covered by the insurance policies which the company already has in place for Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability, Product and Public Liability.

This type of service is particularly well suited to contractors who tend to work on multiple short-term contacts in a year where the cost and administration of running your own Limited Company cannot be justified.


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